WordPress Website Support

$ 19.99 / month


  • Our experienced WordPress team handles all WordPress core updates, so your site is always functional and secure. You can receive a free email that will be sent automatically every week with technical assistance regarding security issues related to our website or if you have any support question just let us know through the contact form below.
  • We assess the impact of faulty plugins, poorly-written themes, oversized images, the quality of your web host, and the impact of third-party ad networks. Then we knuckle down to implement available best practices to get your site running like a well-oiled machine. Achieving ideal performance for any website can feel hard when you first start up that project. But once you’ve got all of those little things under control — even if they’re just tweaks or additions with minimal side effects — there’s very rarely anything wrong with it anymore…and some people actually enjoy working on websites which are fast!
  • Provide edits to your WordPress website. Limited to Images, text, video, navigation and fixing mobile layout.