We recognizes its commitment to the society within which it functions and is integrated deeply into our culture. Social responsibility could be a duty of each individual so as to keep up a balance between the economy and varied ecosystems. Through our initiatives, Zahyan Technologies encourages a positive impact on the setting, society, customers, workers and varied different stakeholders.

Some of our initiatives include:

1. Environmental sustainability:

  • We encourage exercise
  • We use special techniques for economical water management and waste management
  • We discourage printing of paper, unless essential
  • We promote the utilization of renewable sources of energy

2. Community initiatives:

  • We support education of youngsters from lower social strata
  • We participate in blood donation camps
  • We facilitate raise funds for natural calamities and disasters
  • We build financial donations to NGOs World Health Organization work towards economic development of the less privileged

3. Ethical practices:

  • We use truthful trade apply
  • We square measure associate degree civil right leader
  • We promote gender diversity and make sure that all our workers relish equal opportunities at work